Umbra Packaging: UPR Palletizer 
 Palletizer for pet-food

Full automatic palletizer with automatic format change

Our robust and fully automated palletizer is able to stack up to 2000 bags per hour. Depending on the laying list the product is stored with an servo-driven handling arm at the right place. With lateral positioning arms all bags are pushed together and layed at the next trays after opening the laying tablets.

After closing the laying tablets the underlying layers/bags are pressed against the laying tablet to thereby obtain a stable stratification. This results a very stable stack and the possibility to stack much higher as without this compression.

When the quantity of layer is reached the pallet is lowered and automatically transported smoothly. A new pallet is provided. Possibly with or without a protection sheet.




Benefits summary:Palletizing

  • Fully automatic, robust palletizer
  • Up to 2.000 bags/sacks per hour
  • For bags from 2kg to 50kg
  • Free laying design of the stacking pattern
  • Automatic format change in bag size change
  • Stable palletizing by layer compression
  • Remote maintenance

 Umbra Packaging Agent/Representative


Machine Types


Based on the requirements of your application there are several Palletizers with different performance characteristics available.
If the described standard system does not fit, please contact us. Customized adaptions, modifications and developments are possible without problems.


Series "UPR"

UPR600; UPR1000; UPR1500; UPR2000(Sample picture, with optional accessories)




 Machine speed (max.)  600 B/hour  1000 B/hour  2000 B/hour
 Bag size (HxW)

 Bundle/Bag thickness 300mm max.
 Bag weight 2-50kg
 Pallet size (LxW) 800x1200mm
 Bag pincer  Single  Single  Double
 Power consumption (max.)  24kW   24kW   30kW 



Technical data subject to change




 1.  Palletizing of pet food