Food packaging

 Many Foods cannot transported or stored without a suitable packaging. Whereas the storage and stability can be extended using the rigth packaging.




We generally differ:
By primary packaging of foods we guarantee the possibly best secure for your products, wether with or without atmosphereical consumables.
If single or bundled. For the secondary packaging of foods our lines offers the highest flexibilty, secure and transport reliabilty.

arobatec offers for all your products the suitable solution.


Are you interested ?

 Fruit packaging

For the classic style package with minted seams our Horizontal Flow Wrappers » HFFS are used.

 Shrinkfilm package for food

Do you want to have a tight-fitting shrinkfilm-package.

No problem, therefor our Shrink Film Wrapping Machines (with a optional Shrink Tunnel) are used. » Shrink Film Wrapping Machines