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With our weighing and dosing systems we can handle all kinds of dry and bulk products. It can be in the food production like spices, coffee, seads, cereals, or frozen products. In the non-food production it can be granulates, screws, fixing materials and much more. 


arobatec gathers the perfect weighing/dosing system together with you. The verification will be done with your test products then.




Maschine Types


Depending on the product and/or the needed product weigt there are serveral weighing and dosing systems with different performance characteristics available.

The following table gives a small overview about the available systems. All these systems are available in different sizes and specifications. So it can fit perfectly to your application. 


Auger dosing system

  • Vertical auger dosing system for powder products
  • Semi- or full-automatic operation mode
  • Dosing from 20 up to 5000gr (+/- 1-1,5%)
    (depending on the auger diameter and the product)
  • Integrated electronic mixer in the funnel
  • Siemens-PLC with Touch-Panel and
    programmable receipts
  • Stainless steel housing

dvcs br




Vibration weighing system

  • Semi-automatic linear dosing and weighing system
    for fine and rough products
  • 2 vibration channels (1 low and 1 high volume)
  • Siemens-PLC
  • Available in different layouts
    (Infeed funnel, weighing unit and und output funnel)
  • Available with height adjustable stand (as option)
  • Parts with contact to the product in
    stainless steel AISI 304
  • PTFE coating for optimized product flow
    available as option





Band weighing system

  • Electronic band weighing system for
    high volume products
  • Several variants available
    • 1 band - 1 weighing head 
    • 2 bands - 1 weighing head
    • 2 bands - 2 weighing heads
  • Siemens-PLC, incl. synchronisation of the weighing
    controller to the band speed 





Multi-Head weighing system

  • Multi-head weighing system for food and
    non-food applications
  • Versions with 10, 14 or 18 weighing buckets available
    (depending of the product and the needed operation speed)
  • Bucket volume 1,3l; 2,5l or 5l
  • Plain or riffled bucket surface
  • PLC with 10"-Touch-Screen

gtb multihead



.... and much more, please contact us !


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