miniro h lan touch

In medical and dental applications the save and validatable packaging of components and parts is a must. The machines must be easy to clean, a (optional) connection port for data communication, protocol and data archiving must be available. Machines in a top table version need less space and are usable very flexible. 


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arobatec provides the perfect matching (validatable) heat sealer or welding machine matching you needs.




Maschine Types


For medical use in hospitals and laborities several validatable Heat Sealers and Welding Machines with different performance characteristics and working width are available. These devices represent a documentable packaging security in terms of a steril packaging. If necessary with a peel seal for a definable opening of the package.

Below you can find some of the available devices and systems. Special developments and customized adaptions are possible at any time. 


miniro H-lan touch

  • Fully validatable medical Rotary-Sealer with sealing parameter control
    and touch-screen
  • Ethernet port for data communication and remote control
  • Integrated printer (two lines)

miniro h lan touch 




miniro H-net Evo

  • Fully validatable ISO 11607.2 medical Rotary-Sealer,
    with USB-port and "Securscan Data Upload" software
  • Alphanumerical keyboard with four-line display
  • Integrated printer (one line)
miniro h net evo




rebi VP Evo

  • Validatable Rotary-Sealer with full control of the
    sealing parameters
  • Sealing speed 7m/min max.
  • Two-line LCD-Display
  • Validatable as option (ISO 11607-2)

rebi vp evo




Medical H 460/610

  • Impulse Heat Sealer for sealing of pouches and reels
    according DIN 58953-7:2010 standard
  • Working width 460mm or 610mm
  • Electronic control of sealing temperature and time
  • Validatable version as option. With additional
    electronic control of the closing force

medical h 460




GD 301 Evo

  • Medical Heat Sealer for sealing pouches and reels
    according DIN 58953-7:2010 standard
  • Bag width 300mm max.
  • No consumables needed (low maintenance)

gd 301 evo


.... and much more, please contact us !


Technical data subject to change




 1.  miniro H-lan touch
 2. miniro H-Net Evo
 3. rebi VP Evo
 4. GD 301