Packaging of non-food products


The applications for the Non-Food market are manifold. Just a small overview:

  • secured print matters as magazines and books, with or wihtout feeder
  • single or bundled packaging of textiles
  • technical products as CD's, cables or connecting components
  • housewares as  brushes or kitchen equipment
  • leisure time products for example garden chairs and garden equipment
  • packaging of matresses, flat or rolled
  • protection packaging of furnitures

Shrinkfilm packaging

Are you interested ?

For the classic style package with minted seams our Horizontal Flow Wrappers » HFFS are used.

Do you want to have a tight-fitting shrinkfilm-package. No problem, therefor our Shrink Film Wrapping Machines (with a optional Shrink Tunnel) are used.
» Shrink Film Wrapping Machines